WOD: 9-17-12

Unsung hero of the gym

Strength:  20 mins to find 1RM Power Clean

WOD:  5 rounds for time of:

3 Push Jerks (165/120)
6 Box Jumps (30/24)
9 Burpees


On 9/4 we last tested the 1RM Power Clean and just under two weeks later you get another shot at it.  If you did not achieve the weight  you think you can, then it is time to do some reflection.  Think of the following points to see where things went awry.

  1. Did I warm up properly?  Jumping from 135 to 225 is not a viable option unless you can roll out of bed at 3:30 AM and do Power Clean 225.  Jumps in weights that are too big will load the body as if it is going to a 1RM, except you are only 5 mins into your warm up.  This will tire you out prematurely.
  2. Am I resting enough in my warm up and in between attempts?  Realistically, an event like this include about 10-12 minutes of more reps / smaller weights.  Once you feel ready, you should have no more then 5 attempts at a 1RM.  This is to ensure that you are getting enough rest in between
  3. Are my knees in the way when the bar is coming from the floor?  Check to see how vertical your shins are before you make the lift.  The less perpendicular they are to the floor, the worse off you are going to be.
  4. AM I GETTING UNDER THE BAR?!!!!  This was the biggest offense of them all.  You will unquestionably not reach the weights you can possibly do if you try to muscle the weight instead catching it in a partial Front Squat.

Those are just a few points to hash out before you come tomorrow.  Will you PR?  Maybe…if you know you had some wiggle room from the last time AND you lock it up with that list up there.  Plenty of heavy loads were lifted partially because of sheer strength.  My advice to all of those cases would be to shot for the heaviest load that is also the perfect rep.  That should be your 1RM.  If you look like you are in the matrix when receiving the load, then you only reinforce and reward poor form.  Ask Coach Justin what the difference is between his lift at 135 and his 1RM (hint:  the answer is that nothing changes except the load).

With that being said I have no plans in going into another dissertation about the WOD.  Just make sure that during your Power Clean warm up, that you also throw a few Push Jerks in there.  Enough so that when you choose the load for the workout, you are ready for it.  You dont

Happy 260th day of the year,



Please bookmark this page since this will apply to pretty much all Oly lifting days.

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